Christmas Veg & Extras Box - Small


Best and beautiful Xmas veg: including carefully selected King Edward roasting potatoes, red cabbage, parsnips and (love 'em or loathe 'em!) brussel sprouts for delivery on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December.

Festive extras: we've added lemons, clementines and the perfect cranberry sauce. Plus one of our favourite products - versatile and flavoursome cooked chestnuts - perfect for making stuffing or added to sprouts for a dazzling Xmas side-dish.

All your Xmas veg and more in one great value box.

Box includes:

1kg King Edwards potatoes

250g parsnips

500g brussel sprouts

250g onions

1 swede

1 red cabbage

500g carrots

500g broccoli

250g leeks

2 lemons

4 clementines

1 pack chestnuts

Cranberry sauce


"Many thanks for the fruit & veg box which has just been delivered to us in Chilham. It looks great. We have always tried to keep a balance between supporting local businesses and the need to visit supermarkets. We are pleased that businesses like yourself have been able to adapt to not only continue in business but also support the local community to cope in these difficult times. We will certainly be back for more and are spreading the word to local friends." Peter

"I have just received my first fruit and veg delivery and I just wanted to say how amazing the box is! I can’t believe how much we have received, the quality is excellent and the value is brilliant. I will certainly be ordering on a regular basis." Chris

"This is the highlight of our week such amazing quality, always so fresh, and means I don’t have to battle a busy shop over the weekend or worry about the kids reaching for unhealthy snacks!!" Carly

"I just wanted to say how amazing you have been throughout this pandemic. To have such lovely local produce so easily available has been a real treat. It is so exciting to see all the new things you offer each week.  Really looking forward to the cider coming tomorrow! You should be very proud of your business and how it adapted so quickly to provide such a valuable service when people needed it most. I do hope you will be able to continue even when the restaurants and schools are at capacity... we would miss you!" Katie

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